Trade Shows and Expositions

We Provide you with a method of procuring qualified leads with a demonstrable ROI!

A trade show is a sprint not a marathon. You and your booth staff have a very limited amount of time to make the most of your exhibit and investment.

There needs to be a sense of urgency and an intense amount of concentration and effort placed on procuring qualified leads and making your show presence pay off. 

What are you doing to make your next trade show the most profitable and successful trade event you’ve done so far?


At David Malek & Associates we have many different concepts and presentations that are customized to work seamlessly with your show goals and your corporate culture.

Using magic we get your message across in a fun, upbeat, passionate and interactive way. All presentations are custom designed to your specifications. They, look, feel and sound exactly how you want them to, in order to target your audience of prospects and buyers.

Whether you need to come across as sophisticated in order to snare the most discerning clients or you would like to be seen as a company that is casual and fun, it’s your choice. We have ideas that will fill your booth; fit your show budget and represent your company and its products and services the way you wish to be represented.


Being successful at a trade event is not complicated, but it does require that you execute well in many different areas.

Proper execution across the board creates small advantages which add up and differentiate you from all other exhibitors.


Below are a few letters of reference. The company names, some show names and executive’s names have been blurred or edited out for obvious reasons. 















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